of Voice Artistry and Technology

I have been around Deyan Audio for years.  Many of my friends narrate for them, I knew Bob and consider Debra a dear friend.  I had done some full cast audio recordings with wonderful actors and directors.  But it was when Debra was kind enough to donate a class to Antaeus for our annual online auction that I said to myself, "Why not?" You listen to audio books every day in your car.  You are a fan. Go for it."  Boy, am I glad I did.  PJ Ochlan is a wonderful teacher, everyone at Deyan goes the extra mile and even though I have been an actor all my life, I feel this class gave me a start in a whole new arena.  I intend to come back and take the next class.  
This kind of respect and attention to detail starts from the top and it filters all the way through the organization. Thanks again to everyone at The Deyan Institute.

PJ's Introductory Intensive is formulated with the perfect jump-start curriculum.  It covers all the technical aspects of the business as well as the tools and resources that an aspiring narrator needs to get their feet wet.  PJ is great about separating technical from technique for a clear understanding and is very generous with his time and knowledge.  His enthusiasm to share makes a student feel privileged to be present! 

 Pamela Xiong

I had a wonderful time last weekend during PJ's class and my experience was overwhelmingly positive.  You don't get too many workshops in the voice over world that are conducted with a busy working professional such as PJ and he is a credit to the Institute.  This course was excellent.

Keith Korneluk

I just took P.J. Ochlan's Audiobook Introductory Intensive. I was amazed at how much information P.J. managed to impart in just two sessions. Although I'm an experienced actor and voiceover actor I haven't yet entered the world of audiobook narration, but with all the practical information P.J. gave in his class, I feel confident and enthusiastic about making a start. P.J.'s enthusiasm for audiobook narration is infectious and his direction while I was recording a narration sample (which was included in the class at no extra charge!) was encouraging and spot on. Thanks, P.J. it was a lot of fun, and well worth the investment of time and money.

Elizabeth Bergstone

PJ Ochlan's workshop at the Deyan Institute was one of the best experiences I have ever had, not just when it comes to the world of workshops... but in life.  It was also one of the most inspiring, fun, and life-changing experiences I've ever had.  PJ's authentic passion and enthusiasm for the craft, in addition to his unbounded positivity, kindness,  professionalism, and caring for his students.... in addition to being an absolutely dynamite teacher and excellent communicator... in addition to his literally jaw-dropping talent and brilliance... Made it an extraordinary experience, on all fronts.  He is also hysterically funny, and it's always a treat to get to learn anything with laughter.

When the workshop was over, I felt like he actually cared about my next step.  Anyone who has ever participated in any kind of workshop knows what a profound difference that can make, once the workshop is over.  It can make the difference between feeling overwhelmed and scared, vs. excited and confident to start something new.

I am so grateful to the Deyan Institute for expanding my horizons with PJ's extraordinary workshop.  It has affected me not only as a professional actor, but on a very intimate and personal level as well.  

Natasha Soudek

Thank you again for making time to lead two stellar workshops at the Don LaFontaine VO Lab...both workshops were definitely hits.  The information and insights you both shared, truly educated actors and opened new doors.  There were several narrative breakthroughs and improvements, which was really great to witness.  I appreciate your professionalism, consideration and commitment to your craft.  You embody the great things the VO community is known for and we are happy to have you as a partner in the “voiceoversphere.”

Aric Shuford, National Director of Voiceover Programs, Screen Actors Guild Foundation

Thank you so much for such an amazing, comprehensive online class! I can't tell you how much I appreciate PJ's excellent instruction and the passion and generosity with which he shared information about narrating audiobooks. There was so much information, but it was all presented clearly and logically, and really helped to reduce my fear of audiobook narration, especially fiction.  I didn't expect to end up with so many resources for prepping, to learn that Pro Tools is way easier to use than its reputation would have us believe, and to end up feeling so encouraged about moving forward. Thank you also, P.J., for your patience and excellent direction during my sample reading...that was really scary for me at first, but having permission to do more with my read was liberating (but still a little scary!). Bottom line, I learned a TON and my confidence is way up. 
I highly recommend the Deyan Institute's Online Audiobook Intro Intensive class to anyone just beginning to narrate books or thinking about doing so. What a privilege to have P.J. Ochlan as the instructor. He presents a huge amount of material, all of it essential information, in an engaging and very clear manner, and he leaves you wanting more. If there was a Golden Apple Award for audiobook instructors, P.J. Ochlan would definitely get my vote!

​Suzanne Musik

I had a blast in P.J.’s weekend seminar. He gives an engrossing class filled with pragmatic information, creative direction, and fun tidbits. He’s thoughtful about presenting a solid overview of the business and generous with addressing your group’s curiosities about audiobooks. 
The introduction you get on diverse angles of the business - major players, equipment, technique, performance, etc. is a great stepping stone into audiobook narration. I certainly feel a lot more confident in my general knowledge of audiobooks and am excited to dig in and keep working on the craft. Couldn't recommend the intensive course more highly to anyone interested in audiobook narration.

Fernanda Hughes

I believe most actors who are steadily employed know how important it is to diversify their business and their talents.  Having an underlying passion for telling interesting stories on stages and screens, an interest in audiobook narration had been circling on my professional radar for a while.  When I saw an opportunity to explore the world of audiobooks further by enrolling in the Deyan Institute's "Audiobook Introductory Intensive," I seized it.  And so should you. The value of the class is ten-fold of the investment.

Highly-qualified instructor P.J. Ochlan's enthusiasm for the work -- and for your potential talent and skill -- is undeniable.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with P.J.: learning and discussing the fundamentals of the audiobook business, unpacking the practical knowledge, the publishers, the authors, the hardware, the software, demos, contracts, essentials of preparation, the actual experience of being on the job, the basics of setting up a home studio -- all the components that a audiobook "newbie" might find mysterious or intimidating are laid out and de-mystified, plain as day.  No questions are left unanswered.  In the jam-packed content of the course, there's absolutely nothing extraneous, nothing irrelevant.  The man knows his stuff, and the intimate class size offers P.J.'s students his personal attention and his relaxed, specified coaching.

From my initial contact and correspondence with the folks at Deyan Institute, throughout the 2-day class, and the creation of a demo file to potentially begin my work in audiobooks, it's clear that this isn't just a studio, nor is it just a classroom.  It's an artistic and professional home for a very special group of voice actors and technicians, maintaining a legacy and providing a future for both longtime and beginning artists in the field. 
I'll be back, to continue my education… and hopefully to narrate some wonderful books.

Thomas Fiscella

Taking P.J. Ochlan's high octaine Audiobook Introductory class is more of an intensive than an introduction. I left armed with tools for making the proper internet connections with the audiobook world, and specifically, how to use ACX to land a book to read for my first project when I'm ready. The many ins and outs of what it costs to start up in this business (economically as possible, thanks to P.J.'s many helpful tips), and then how to make money after you've gotten established as a narrator, were covered in detail. Getting down to the artistic aspects was also a joy, thanks to P.J.'s consummate resume of experience as a narrator and as a player of consequence in all aspects of the performance industry, which he utilized to best instruct us how to approach a reading when it was our turn at the mic. All techniques relating to being an audiobook narrator are covered in this comprehensive course, including not only book prep and narration technique, but also the mechanical aspects of running pro tools out of a home studio to produce your own audiobooks--a must, we were told, to excel in the business.  It is a joy learning from and being directed by P.J. Ochlan, and I feel equipped to venture into the world of audiobook recording thanks to his thorough, patient and enthusiastic instruction. 

Trudi Knoedler

Thank you for the great introductory education we received this past weekend in your Audio Book Intensive.  It was masterfully led by Mr. P.J. Ochlan, to whom I want to send my heartfelt gratitude.  P.J. is a guru in the industry and it was an honor to study under him.  He is an eloquent speaker and an astute teacher.  Thank you, again.

Peter Ellermann Voice Overs

The Deyan Institute offers a supportive, nurturing place to take risks and explore your creativity.  P.J. Ochlan is a wonderful teacher. His class was informative--filled with practical, real-world advice but never forgetting that there is a ton of fun to be had as well! A fantastic introduction to the world of audiobook narration. 

Larissa Collins

My most favorite thing about Brandon Dattoli as a teacher? He actually encourages doing less. Keeping things simple. Pro-Tools is a beast that strikes fear in the hearts of many (myself included). Yet, in Pro-Tools for Production and Pro-Tools for Post-Production (both of which I was honored and humbled to attend), Brandon distills the massive amount of information and functions tangled up in the Pro-Tools software into simple directives and tasks. Rather than showcase the mastery he has clearly achieved in engineering/editing/mastering audiobooks, Brandon provides only what you, the actor, will need to record and edit your audiobook, dipping gracefully and gently into mixing/mastering. I cannot express how invaluable this class is, most especially because, it is geared toward the audiobook narrator as an artist. In these classes, you will broaden and deepen the "tools" of your trade, adding facets to your artist-self that enable you to tackle more jobs with more confidence. The setting is the ever-inspiring, tranquil, warm family-compound that is Deyan Audio. The take-away is you, only more well-rounded. The "you" that is "not technically inclined" (I burst into tears the first time I opened Pro-Tools. Not joking.)  Brandon will teach you and you will be all the better for having stretched yourself. Ever-gratefully, Angela

Angela Goethals

I found the Deyan Institute’s Audiobook Introductory Intensive class encouraging and practical.  P.J. Ochlan (our instructor) provided detailed and specific industry information and facts mixed with good advice based on "real world” experiences gained from his own successful career as an audiobook narrator.   I learned this job isn’t just about reading a book into a mic.  Today’s narrators are often called upon to produce their own audio.   So, in addition to learning how to prep a book for narration and how to bring a story and characters to life in a compelling way, P.J. and Brandon did an awesome job of teaching the basics of Pro Tools audio production software.  I went into the workshop wondering if a career in audiobook narration was right for me and left the workshop feeling excited and ready to get started!  Thank you P.J. and the Deyan Institute for introducing me to the world of Audiobook narration.

Cindy Trost

The proTools training was more than I expected. Brandon had the whole process mapped out, and was patient enough to entertain questions along the way. This was a great investment and has paid for itself in time saved! Thanks for this class!

Roy Samuelson

In today’s fast growing voice over industry and audiobook markets a voice actor NEEDS to know all aspects of self recording and self producing. It is the future of the industry. Sure one can outsource all the post production work but sometimes it is not cost effective. Once you have settings down for your voice you’ll be able to do it as well as the pros. It really is very easy to edit your own material.  How can one and where does one learn these skills at a reasonable rate? Well the Deyan Institute is the place to do just that. One can learn all the Pro Tools skills that voice actors needs to successfully deliver clean finished edited files. Other Pro Tools classes in LA teach complicated ways to do things. They teach you mixing and musician stuff which we don’t need and are expensive.  Brandon at The Deyan Institute teaches us what we voice actors need in order to edit and deliver clean finished files quickly and efficiently . He is the master of patience too. Love the guy .With what I learned from the post producion Pro Tools class my editing time has been cut from 5 hours to 2 hours(PFH)in audiobook editing . My commercial and other voice over editing is way easy now ...no sweat at all. For mastering I still use Twisted Wave but I now feel confident in saying that I am an audiobook producer as well as a narrator.  Thank you Brandon and Deyan Institute. After taking you Post production for Pro tools class I have more free time.

Linda Kerr

I took the inaugural VO Pro Class this past Saturday at the Deyan Institute and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. First of all, the facilities themselves are just lovely and before I even got close to the door I was met with a warm greeting from Debra and some others. Everyone I met that had any association with the Institute was so friendly and welcoming. As far as the class itself, Jamie Mortellaro was fantastic. Aside from a great intro and Q&A session, he took a great deal of time with each of us in the booth and gave such thoughtful, specific and helpful redirection. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning and I am already looking forward to my next time at the Deyan Institute. 

​Karen Harrison


Brandon Dattoli has the patience of a saint! I think he even likes teaching and answering the same question many times in different ways. When I received an email from the Deyan Institute about their courses and saw the Pro Tools classes, I was so relieved!! Thank you Bob and Debra for starting the institute and providing classes that are much needed. Finally a Pro Tools class for voice actors is taught. I’ve always thought of Pro Tools as too intimidating. I took both Pro Tools classes in one weekend, which was great, because I had questions from the first day, and those questions were easily answered on the second. Brandon gave us tons of information and explained the steps over and over again. He provided pictures of several important windows and options. Gave us short cuts. My head was and still is spinning. My Pro Tools soft ware was a bit different, so he changed my settings for me, saved the day and didn’t make me feel like an idiot. He promised it would be easy soon. Ya know, I kinda believe him. It is such a relieve to know where to go when you need help. Thanks again Bob, Debra and Brandon.

​Leigh Kelly! ​

You will find P. J. Ochlan's class very much worth your money. P. J. is a serious audio-book professional and you will enjoy his impromptu demonstrations as well as relevant anecdotes from his rich experience. But equally important, P. J. is an engaging and intelligent speaker and has a gift for clear and energetic delivery of material. My guess is that he is a perfectionist and takes the teaching of the class as seriously as he does his work on audio books. I learned a lot of useful information and gladly extend my highest recommendations for the class. My sincere thanks to P. J. Ochlan for conducting it and to generous and hospitable Debra Deyan for making it all happen.

Eugene Alper 

I found PJ's class to be informative, insightful and eye opening. As a voice over actor that has never worked in audiobooks, I had no idea what to expect. The class offers a broad overview of how the industry works, where it's heading and how the actual performance of audiobooks is done. Debra goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and part of the family. I learned a tremendous amount and I would highly recommend this class to anyone. 

​Joe Sanfelippo

This class offers an amazing amount of detail in a short amount of time. It gives a great overview of every aspect of audiobook narration. PJ is so knowledgeable and engaging. He really knows his stuff on where the industry is at and where it's going. You leave knowing which next steps are best for you to take. I think everyone in the class took action the very same weekend. Great class! 

Diane Chernansky

I was so glad to have signed up for PJ Ochlan's class; his passion and dedication to teaching his students the wonderful art form of Audio Narration shines through from the get-go. He is a very talented individual and his acting and directing skills are without doubt invaluable in a teaching environment such as this. I have taken classes in the past but what I really loved about this one was that I felt part of a family who wants you to be the best and to come away from the class wiser and better for the experience. I can honestly say they achieved both and a lot more. Deb Deyan is an absolutely wonderful person and it was so heart warming to hear her story of how both herself and her husband Bob wanted to set up the institute to help and inspire people like myself to learn more about this beautiful art form. I went home Sunday afternoon after the class feeling that it was the best money I have ever spent and I made some really great new friends, too. Deb, PJ and all the crew at Deyan Audio Institute, I salute you and thank you for this amazing experience and I look forward to seeing you all again real soon. 

Peter Anderson
I feel honored to have been part of the Deyan Institute’s inaugural class. When I got to the Deyan Institute campus, I thought I was in the wrong place. I remember thinking: “There’s no way there are any voice over studios in a beautiful, cozy, homey place like this. My GPS must have taken me to the wrong place.” Fortunately for me, my GPS had not betrayed me and I was exactly where I needed to be for my Audiobook Introductory Intensive course. From the moment I walked into the Deyan Audio Studio Estate, I felt like I was among family; even though I’d never met anyone there before. The class was taught by the knowledgable P.J. Ochlan. He had all the information you could possibly want to get started in the business of audiobooks, and shared it in such a way that it wasn’t overwhelming. His invaluable direction in the booth as I recorded my sample demo was precise and easy to understand. P.J. knows his stuff and knows how to teach it. I walked away with a plan of how to get started in audiobooks, knowledge of how to “prep” before recording in the booth, some tips and tricks of the trade, and some Protools basics. Through it all, the fact that Debra Deyan popped her head in on us during class from time to time proved that this is a learning environment where the owners and instructors care about your development as an artist, and about you as a person. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to get started with audiobooks.

Almarie Guerra

P.J.’s class was absolutely wonderful. He is a true master of his craft and an incredible teacher. His passion for audiobooks, storytelling and the potential of this industry saturates the entire experience and made me fall in love with it also. I went in extremely intimidated by an unknown industry, my first foray back into acting after a five year hiatus and by the technical aspect of recording and editing. I came out feeling ten feet tall and bulletproof and excited about the future! Besides how incredibly capable and prepared to work I feel, I actually wound getting multiple opportunities in just a few days following the class! There are no words for how valuable this class and experience is. Thank you P.J. and Deyan Institute for a wonderful weekend!! 

Frankie Corzo